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The Politics of Safety and Vulnerability

Posted by on Mar 11, 2015 in FeaturedSlider | 0 comments

  The devil is alive and well at USC Irvine On an otherwise uneventful Thursday night, the hyperreal realms of the Internet erupted with a slew of misconstrued and hateful comments following ASUCI’s Legislative Council decision to vote in favor of the highly disputed “Flag Resolution.” Facts were distorted and comments were extrapolated resulting in dangerously inaccurate portrayals of the decision, further threatening the safety of individual council members. Since we still live in a McCarthy era society, almost every white supremacist within the nation took it upon themselves to Google where exactly “USC Irvine” was on the map and begin an online campaign of harassment towards every facet...

Candle Light Vigil and Tasbeha for the 21 Martyred Souls

Posted by on Mar 8, 2015 in Campus News | 0 comments

I am writing this piece after attending a candlelight vigil for the 21 Coptic Christians murdered by ISIS. I would like to thank the organizers, and the dozens of individuals who attended for honoring their lives. For a while, I was not ready to express my reaction to their deaths. I am now. I am filled with a myriad of emotions, but the one that is most loud is: pride.  In the video released by ISIS, they tried to shame us by calling us “people of the Cross.” What they do not understand is that our symbol is the way of suffering and we bear it with pride. From a young age, Copts...

Freedom of Speech: Shiite Treatment in Saudi Arabia

Posted by on Mar 8, 2015 in Opinion | 0 comments

As most people have noticed the recent, worldwide frenzy over the concept of freedom of speech. In the name of Free Speech, people use the problematic phrase “Je suis Charlie” in reference to the Charlie Hebdo incident. Many claim Free speech is limitless and applies to all residents of the world. In fact, The United States Bill of Rights holds freedom of speech to be “self-evident” and indelible from humans. And through a very quixotic and imperialist approach, the US Government has tried to spread “freedom across the globe,” according to President George W. Bush’s speech in September 17, 2002. Yet, this mission to spread democracy and freedom is...

A Young Muslim’s Reflection on the Chapel Hill Shooting in a Nation Marred by Anti-Black Violence

Posted by on Feb 17, 2015 in Opinion | 0 comments

I would like to begin by praying for the best for the family and close friends of the victims, Deah Barakat, Razan Abu-Salha and Yusor Abu-Salha. May they approach this tragedy with patience, deliberation, and perseverance. I pray that God accepts their good, forgives their bad, and places these three students within the highest ranks of paradise. In this moment of gratuitous violence, as communities we have had a moment of pause, in addition to having moments of critical reflection. We have more openly discussed the racialized definitions of the term terrorist, and questioned the leading perspectives offered by mass media in shaping an atmosphere of Islamophobia. Just as...

At UCI: Do #BlackLivesMatter?

Posted by on Feb 17, 2015 in Campus News, FeaturedSlider, Opinion | 1 comment

A space with the intent and potential of being a critical discussion on black issues became a toxic space to run away from. It’s no wonder that many began walking out at the #BlackLivesMatter: Campus-wide Teach-In. Perhaps they walked out because of the unconventional nature of the audience —  a majority non-black students and faculty. With this array of different perspectives, experiences and positionalities, the conversation took some weird turns and became messy. This is the price we all have to pay for being in an education system which fails to provide us with the political education necessary to understand the basic power-relations that operate this country’s institutions. It...

Friday Khutbah Recap: February 6th, 2015

Posted by on Feb 8, 2015 in Jumu’ah Recap | 0 comments

  Often times, we draw inspiration from the physical manifestations of the Prophet’s (pbuh) character, however, we forgo the way he used to think. The Prophet (pubh) was always an optimist. When the citizens of Ta’if chased him out of their city, and he bled from head to toe, and the angels descended to ask him for permission to destroy the town, he refused. He knew that the townspeople were ignorant and that if they did not believe, then surely their children would, and if not, then the offspring of those children. Subhana’Allah! Ask yourself: How much mercy do you show your opponent in a mere competition or a...